Friday, January 6, 2012

Shaving like an old man

So the hubz has a new hobby, restoring old safety razors! (He won a lot of 14 razors on Ebay)
This post originally started on my facebook page when I posted a photo of him cleaning his newly acquired old man razors.
All of this started about a year ago when we stumbled into the store at Mall of America called The Art of Shaving.
He wanted to get the old style shaving brush and soap dish/cup. He did, their soap is OK, not quite as good as Zum. The brush he got is a good starter brush 100% Badger (insert your own honeybadger joke here)
The hubs has something called folliculitis , This is where the folicals become inflamed and it hurts like hell to shave. He discovered that when he started using the old style shaving soap with a bager brush and the safety razor, with a proper shaving ritual (Out of the shower damp skin, then a hot towel on is face for a few minutes to prep the skin) He didn't have any problems with his skin.
Anywho some of you may ask.. Why would I want to use the old style razor? Don't those cut the crap out of your skin... YES.. If your shaving like a speed freak and not properly shaving. Most men these days don't think its a good thing to pamper themselves. FYI...If you take care of your skin, you smell nice your significant other will appreciate this.
Shaving is a ritual.... there is preparation, there are tools, and you need to take your time if you want it done effectively.
Guys.... I highly recommend watching Geofatboy, he's got some really good informative old style shaving videos.
(Now for those of us who shave our legs)
Obviously I wanted to try one of these little dandy razors out. Yep ,I'm convinced!
I used a razor today from the early 1950's . Used proper shaving SOAP, not that crap in a can.
Don't let those stupid commercials on TV brainwash you into thinking that bar soap isn't good for shaving.
Truth is if you get a traditional COLD PROCESSED soap made with lye, specifically one that has been super fatted. You will get a great shave because these soaps are going to give you great moisture. I am not in NO WAY getting paid by Indigo Wild to say this(But if they want to send me a 3lbs brick of patchouli orange I'll yell from the roof of my house about how awesome their soap is ) . I seriously love their soap.
I stopped buying regular store brand soap over a a year ago because it always dried out my skin, or made me break out. They sell "Cut your own " bars of Indigo Wild-Zum Bar at Whole Foods if you want to give it a try.

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  1. love my little boy... and I only nicked myself in the very beginning.. I agree it is an art to shaving properly... I do not use soap or cream.. I always do it in the bathtub with bubble bath... Of course I have a water softner too..