Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get back to Natural Pt.2

As the winter starts--- bhaaaaaa , I live in MN.
This is the first time in my 31 years alive on this gigantic rock floating in space that there was NO... I repeat NO snow on Yule.
Today's little nugget if information is a continuation of my last blog about Natural Health and Wellness whatnots.
As winter is here everyone has the sniffles,cough,( I work with the public- COVER YOUR DAMN COUGHS.. yuck) and colds. Its just a part of living here.
Around the same time I started taking St.Johns Wort as a Teen, I also started taking Echinacea supplements.
Echinacea is a beautiful flower that looks like a purple droopy daisy with a huge cone on top.
What most people dont realise is part of having depression also makes your system easier to get sick (I'm not a Dr or a licenced blah blah blah... But this is just my observation-We (people with depression) Get sick easier. Step back and think about those people you know who have depression even if its yourself... think of how often we get colds.
Here are two links that give valuble information about Echinacea.
Basicly they both say that for a long time Native American tribes have used Echinacea for NUMEROUS illness's and infections. It was used before penicillian was discovered.
I take echinacea regularly during the winter to prevent myself from getting sick.
I did learn this year that:
My mother was put on blood thinners for a pretty serious condition that happend recently. She noticed she was starting to get a cold after she got home from the hospital and was about to take Echinacea .
Something told me to say... HEY !! Maybe you should ask the Hemotologist if its ok to take it due to the fact it elevates your white blood cells. In fact the blood Doc told us its NOT A GOOD IDEA to take when your on a very intence regimin of blood thinners such as my Mother is on ( She developed blood clots in her lungs in early DEC and was hospitalised for it. She's OK now!)
Needless to say If you are thinking about taking ANY supplements CONSULT YOUR FREAKING DOCTOR FIRST! OR someone with an education regarding to herbal supplements or JUST DO SOME READING FIRST.
Minor aches and pains.... muscle soreness, Yes I have an answer.
Arnica Montana- another pretty flower
This comes in the form of a disolving pill that looks like a small piece of chalk.
When I was a senior in High School I had a ceramics teacher who used holistic forms of meds. She knew I took SJW and Echinacea. One day I came in to class pretty sore from the weekend ( We were putting a new roof on my moms house). She started talking about Arnica Montana.
I had forgotten about this supplement up until about 6 years ago when I started working out again. I remembered her saying
" You should take this before and after you work out, It neutralises lacic acid build up in your muscles".
I started reading up on Arnica Montana and also found its used for migranes too.
Arnica is also found in lots of Homeopathic Arthritis creams, think of it as a bengay substitute.
One of my favorite soap companies carries a sports line of products thier muscle rub has Arnica in it.(FYI: Indigo Wild soaps changed my life and my skin Seriously!)
I have it, ITS FREAKING WONDERFUL! Its also good on minor sunburns because its got a cooling effect too.
Having trouble sleeping and are stiff and sore in the morning.... Drink Tart Cherry Juice!
There are about a bazillion different things that Tart Cherry Juice helps with, However thanks to the FDA Nature Blessed is not allowed to
" Make these claims about thier product".
  • Tart Cherries have a significant amount of meletonin, which helps regulate sleep.
  • Tart Cherries also are very high in Anthocyanins ( Anthocyanins are blue or purple antioxidant compounds that are found in a variety of berries as well as grapes and cherries and are believed to be highly beneficial to human health)

They also "Can't Say" that it helps with Arthritis pain and inflamation, Helps prevent certaint types of cancer and slows the ageing process.

A family member of mine also discoverd that when thier gout problems would flair up if they started drinking the tart cherry juice regularly thier gout problem went away.

So here's my point, when you reach for the Ibuprophen or tylonol because your a little stiff and sore. ( I still have these in my house for situations like serious fevers and injuries that require anti-inflamitories) Think about how many times a Dr has told you that repeted use of Ibuprophen can cause Ulcers because its horrible on your stomach, or that over use of Tylonol can cause Liver problems.

Try taking something that is still effective but less damaging to your system. I'm not saying go out and buy all this stuff. I'm mearly suggesting that maybe something less "Messed with" could work better.

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