Saturday, December 21, 2013

When idiots on T.V. provide help in weeding out who really matters in your family.

Well it's only been a year since the whole Chic Fil A crap happened. This time the family cleansing is due to a T.V. show . Let me start being specific, Duck Dynasty .
Don't get me wrong I've been watching Duck Dynasty since it started. I enjoyed the family dynamic, the hi jinks of the crazy Uncle, the silly co-workers. But as a non-christian , I was always aware of their deep rooted religious beliefs. I have a certain amount of respect for it in the terms of "What's yours is yours and What's mine is mine".

 Here's where I start my little rant.  Wednesday night (Dec 18th ) I'm at work doing my usual Facebook cruising in between gaming customers and I start seeing posts about A& E suspending Phil Robertson due to "Homophobic and Racist Remarks" .

Well first off, SHOCKER... he's a born again christian from the south.  What else were you expecting?  Here's where it gets personal and uncomfortable for myself.

I start seeing extended family posting their support for P.R.  and bashing A&E for suspending him.  A&E did not fire him at this point yet.  Everyone is screaming about how P.R.'s first amendment rights were being violated and that he's being attacked just because he's a Christian. Conveniently everybody who is yelling about this are Christians.

In the past few days , I've only unfriended One person. This is the same person who invited my Father (Who happens to be gay) to stay at her house while on vacation, a few years ago .

I'm more upset at the two-faced-ness of family who think and agree with the same views as P.R.

Hiding behind a book to justify being an asshole to your family is just SAD.
Missing out on your FAMILY because of a BOOK, is PATHETIC.  A part of your family that LOVES you because you are FAMILY, before they even met you, and you judge them because a BOOK.

That being said here's a little tidbit from the bible that I'm sure you've read

  Samuel 18 After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. 2 From that day Saul kept David with him and did not let him return home to his family. 3 And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. 4 Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt.

hm.... Sounds an awful lot like two men bonded in LOVE.

The other part of this whole mess is, I am married to a Hunter specifically a DUCK HUNTER.
 I have family members who are Hunters, and friends who are Hunters- DUCK HUNTERS.
P.R. and D.C. make a genuinely good product. I have personally purchased items from D.C. in the past.  I will no longer buy anything they sell or promote

My Husband is from the south, and was raised in a very religious family. However he shares the same views I have. We have a large number of Gay friends. Our lives would be lacking so much friendship and love if we didn't have these loved ones in our life.

What angered us is that most people aren't reading EXACTLY what was said by P.R.

He compared Homosexuals to Bestiality and Said Blacks were better before the Civil Rights movement.

Yes P.R. can say WHATEVER he wants! That's where the first amendment is Fantastic! I can say what ever I want in this blog because the fist amendment is wonderful!

BUT- Getting upset because a company suspended P.R. for what he said AFTER SIGNING A CONTRACT a LEGAL agreement to NOT say things to potentially damage their companies image. They have every right to suspend/fire him. His words were discriminatory not just hurtful .  So to all of you who are saying everyone is wining about their feelings getting hurt over what he said, Its not about feelings!

The saddest part of all of this is , it never occurred to me that it would take an OLD MAN from the swamp in Louisiana , whom I have never met, would cause such a rift in how family members see each other. So to a degree I'm thankful for P.R. making is idiotic statements. Because now I know who my REAL family is.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fisherman's Throw

Fisherman's Afghan

Finished Size

Aprox 45x60


Yarn-Worsted Weight
Yarn Pictured is Lions Brand Wool-Ease in the color 402 Wheat


Size K hook

3st =1 inch

Ch 154

Row 1: DC in 3rd Ch from Hook and in each Ch across=152 DC including starting Ch. Turn

Row 2: (WS) Ch 3 for the first DC * yo and insert hook around the post of the DC directly below, yo  and complete dc( Front post DC completed); Rep from * across to the last st , dc in turning ch , TURN

Row 3: Ch 3 for first DC , DC in each  of the next 3 dc; count back 3 dc on previous row, yo and drawing up long lp, complete as a dc ( long diagonal DC complete). * DC in each of the next 3
DC, count back 3, work a long diagonal DC; rep from * across, end with dc in last st, TURN

Row 4 : Ch 3 for first DC, * sk long diagonal DC, DC in each of the next 3 dc, turn , count back 3 sts, work long diagonal dc at base of long diagonal dc of previous row, turn; rep from * across, end with DC in the last DC ( Each set of the long diagoal DC of rows 2 and row 3 form a sideways V) Turn

Row 5 Ch 3 for the first DC, DC in each DC across, sk all long diagonal DC , TURN

Rep Rows 2-5 a total of 15 times.
Fasten off

Fringe : cut 5 (16 inch strands for each tassels)  Loop them through at the bottom of the V  as shown in the pictures from the Ravelry page.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Let me put somethings into perspective... Well from my perspective.

Ok so in the last few days , things have gotten a little heated. It has caused family members to unfriend, and has also caused a lot of disappointment in who I thought people were. It all started with a Sandwich and a Toy. I've tried to see both sides of the "Argument" ,I've listened to other's views.
So here goes, I posted a status on my page Wednesday night saying
"To those of who are in support of Chick fil A by saying they are just exercising their first amendment rights. Please do me a HUGE favor and Unfriend me . Financially backing hate groups is not about free speech! LYING about the safety of toys in your kids meals because The Jim Henson Company called you out on your bullshit and severed their business agreement IS NOT ABOUT FREE SPEECH"
This prompted a 64 comment response thread.I'm not a political person, as a matter o fact I try to avoid political talk because it always ends up with someone being an asshole and someone hurt. I try to accept EVERYONE for who they are and listen to what they have to say because I would hope they would do the same in return.
Here's where things get personal. And I'm going to share ALOT of personal information that MOST of my close friends know about me and my family. And PRIMARILY THE REASON WHY I AM AS FIRED UP ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION.
My parents are two of the most amazing people you could ever meet I mean come on now.. They made me :)
My Parents Married in 1970, by 1980 had two children and by 1990 legally separated.After 20 years of marriage my father came out of the closet. He fought who he was for his entire life because of what the christian religion and society deemed " RIGHT".
When he went to seek guidance from the priest at the church our family attended the priest told him to stay married and to live his life a complete and total LIE.
This caused him to fall into such a severe depression for a good part of my childhood. Honestly all I can remember from that period of time was Dad would wake up in the morning give us a kiss goodbye before he went to work , come home , eat dinner and go to bed.
After they separated there was lots of therapy sessions , there was lots of tears, And then there was lots of Healing. I have a very unique family, I had a very unique upbringing.
Throughout all of this my Mother became the strongest person I know. I can only strive to be a fraction of who she is. At times the Independence I've learned from her gets me in trouble.
After all was said and done, My Parents are still really good friends. They showed us that even through something this difficult. You still have to be PARENTS, you still are there for you kids no matter what.
I pride myself on they way I was raised because it turned me into the person that I am. It taught me to LOVE people for WHO THEY ARE. Not to hate them for what everyone else thinks is different. I try my hardest to teach my daughters the same.
So when I started reading all the garbage about Chick Fil A , It started to make my BLOOD BOIL.
Anyone who knows me , knows it takes ALOT to get me upset. I'm almost always the first one to say CALM DOWN.
In the last few days I've seen family members who I respected and love, make ignorant hurtful statements that were just heartbreaking.
All because of a stupid sandwich and a toy.
Here's the FACTS-
Yes the owner of CFL has the right to say how he feels about gay marriage. Yes HE has the right to give HIS money to who ever he wants.
HOWEVER, when a COMPANY gives money to an organisation that has been deemed a HATE GROUP.
The company is giving money to a group that is trying to "Cure" people of being gay (Exodus International)
Here let me cure you of having blue eyes.... Oh wait.. That's right.. You were born with those.
This company is giving money to a group that wants marriage to be defined as One Woman One Man. (Family Research Council)
Family Research Council believes that homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed. It is by definition unnatural, and as such is associated with negative physical and psychological health effects. While the origins of same-sex attractions may be complex, there is no convincing evidence that a homosexual identity is ever something genetic or inborn. We oppose the vigorous efforts of homosexual activists to demand that homosexuality be accepted as equivalent to heterosexuality in law, in the media, and in schools. Attempts to join two men or two women in "marriage" constitute a radical redefinition and falsification of the institution, and FRC supports state and federal constitutional amendments to prevent such redefinition by courts or legislatures. Sympathy must be extended to those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions, and every effort should be made to assist such persons to overcome those attractions, as many already have...
WTF? I can find ways where the effects Heterosexuality falls into the same "Dangerous Practices". Heterosexuals can get ALL the same diseases Homosexuals can get. Also I am speaking as someone who has given birth twice (Had medical issues due to being pregnant both times), and has had post partem depression.
Did you happen to read the part above where the FRC supports state and federal constitutional amendments to prevent redefinition by courts or legislatures??????
Here's a little bit of an eye opener for some of you. HYPOTHETICALLY lets say tomorrow people found out that Arby's was owned by a someone who was donating LARGE amounts of money in the name of Arby's to The Taliban or the KKK .
Does that clear up a little bit more of the confusion?
People who go to CFA in the name of the first amendment are hiding behind the first amendment just like The Westboro Baptist Church hides behind it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shaving like an old man

So the hubz has a new hobby, restoring old safety razors! (He won a lot of 14 razors on Ebay)
This post originally started on my facebook page when I posted a photo of him cleaning his newly acquired old man razors.
All of this started about a year ago when we stumbled into the store at Mall of America called The Art of Shaving.
He wanted to get the old style shaving brush and soap dish/cup. He did, their soap is OK, not quite as good as Zum. The brush he got is a good starter brush 100% Badger (insert your own honeybadger joke here)
The hubs has something called folliculitis , This is where the folicals become inflamed and it hurts like hell to shave. He discovered that when he started using the old style shaving soap with a bager brush and the safety razor, with a proper shaving ritual (Out of the shower damp skin, then a hot towel on is face for a few minutes to prep the skin) He didn't have any problems with his skin.
Anywho some of you may ask.. Why would I want to use the old style razor? Don't those cut the crap out of your skin... YES.. If your shaving like a speed freak and not properly shaving. Most men these days don't think its a good thing to pamper themselves. FYI...If you take care of your skin, you smell nice your significant other will appreciate this.
Shaving is a ritual.... there is preparation, there are tools, and you need to take your time if you want it done effectively.
Guys.... I highly recommend watching Geofatboy, he's got some really good informative old style shaving videos.
(Now for those of us who shave our legs)
Obviously I wanted to try one of these little dandy razors out. Yep ,I'm convinced!
I used a razor today from the early 1950's . Used proper shaving SOAP, not that crap in a can.
Don't let those stupid commercials on TV brainwash you into thinking that bar soap isn't good for shaving.
Truth is if you get a traditional COLD PROCESSED soap made with lye, specifically one that has been super fatted. You will get a great shave because these soaps are going to give you great moisture. I am not in NO WAY getting paid by Indigo Wild to say this(But if they want to send me a 3lbs brick of patchouli orange I'll yell from the roof of my house about how awesome their soap is ) . I seriously love their soap.
I stopped buying regular store brand soap over a a year ago because it always dried out my skin, or made me break out. They sell "Cut your own " bars of Indigo Wild-Zum Bar at Whole Foods if you want to give it a try.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get back to Natural Pt.2

As the winter starts--- bhaaaaaa , I live in MN.
This is the first time in my 31 years alive on this gigantic rock floating in space that there was NO... I repeat NO snow on Yule.
Today's little nugget if information is a continuation of my last blog about Natural Health and Wellness whatnots.
As winter is here everyone has the sniffles,cough,( I work with the public- COVER YOUR DAMN COUGHS.. yuck) and colds. Its just a part of living here.
Around the same time I started taking St.Johns Wort as a Teen, I also started taking Echinacea supplements.
Echinacea is a beautiful flower that looks like a purple droopy daisy with a huge cone on top.
What most people dont realise is part of having depression also makes your system easier to get sick (I'm not a Dr or a licenced blah blah blah... But this is just my observation-We (people with depression) Get sick easier. Step back and think about those people you know who have depression even if its yourself... think of how often we get colds.
Here are two links that give valuble information about Echinacea.
Basicly they both say that for a long time Native American tribes have used Echinacea for NUMEROUS illness's and infections. It was used before penicillian was discovered.
I take echinacea regularly during the winter to prevent myself from getting sick.
I did learn this year that:
My mother was put on blood thinners for a pretty serious condition that happend recently. She noticed she was starting to get a cold after she got home from the hospital and was about to take Echinacea .
Something told me to say... HEY !! Maybe you should ask the Hemotologist if its ok to take it due to the fact it elevates your white blood cells. In fact the blood Doc told us its NOT A GOOD IDEA to take when your on a very intence regimin of blood thinners such as my Mother is on ( She developed blood clots in her lungs in early DEC and was hospitalised for it. She's OK now!)
Needless to say If you are thinking about taking ANY supplements CONSULT YOUR FREAKING DOCTOR FIRST! OR someone with an education regarding to herbal supplements or JUST DO SOME READING FIRST.
Minor aches and pains.... muscle soreness, Yes I have an answer.
Arnica Montana- another pretty flower
This comes in the form of a disolving pill that looks like a small piece of chalk.
When I was a senior in High School I had a ceramics teacher who used holistic forms of meds. She knew I took SJW and Echinacea. One day I came in to class pretty sore from the weekend ( We were putting a new roof on my moms house). She started talking about Arnica Montana.
I had forgotten about this supplement up until about 6 years ago when I started working out again. I remembered her saying
" You should take this before and after you work out, It neutralises lacic acid build up in your muscles".
I started reading up on Arnica Montana and also found its used for migranes too.
Arnica is also found in lots of Homeopathic Arthritis creams, think of it as a bengay substitute.
One of my favorite soap companies carries a sports line of products thier muscle rub has Arnica in it.(FYI: Indigo Wild soaps changed my life and my skin Seriously!)
I have it, ITS FREAKING WONDERFUL! Its also good on minor sunburns because its got a cooling effect too.
Having trouble sleeping and are stiff and sore in the morning.... Drink Tart Cherry Juice!
There are about a bazillion different things that Tart Cherry Juice helps with, However thanks to the FDA Nature Blessed is not allowed to
" Make these claims about thier product".
  • Tart Cherries have a significant amount of meletonin, which helps regulate sleep.
  • Tart Cherries also are very high in Anthocyanins ( Anthocyanins are blue or purple antioxidant compounds that are found in a variety of berries as well as grapes and cherries and are believed to be highly beneficial to human health)

They also "Can't Say" that it helps with Arthritis pain and inflamation, Helps prevent certaint types of cancer and slows the ageing process.

A family member of mine also discoverd that when thier gout problems would flair up if they started drinking the tart cherry juice regularly thier gout problem went away.

So here's my point, when you reach for the Ibuprophen or tylonol because your a little stiff and sore. ( I still have these in my house for situations like serious fevers and injuries that require anti-inflamitories) Think about how many times a Dr has told you that repeted use of Ibuprophen can cause Ulcers because its horrible on your stomach, or that over use of Tylonol can cause Liver problems.

Try taking something that is still effective but less damaging to your system. I'm not saying go out and buy all this stuff. I'm mearly suggesting that maybe something less "Messed with" could work better.

Friday, December 16, 2011

When life gets in the way, get back to Natural!

November and December are all about family and love and all that other crap !
I'm sure this sounds extremely selfish or snarkey or what have you. But for the fair part of my life these two months have traditionally been known as a difficult time. For our family, in the last 8-10 years it has become, "What the hell is ganna happen this year?".
I'm stepping aside from the usual blog of " How to's ". To spout off some personal philosophy, so get ready!
I spent a fair part of my teenage years with depression, like a numerous amount of teenagers.
My parents sent me to therapy , I ran the gambit of anti-depressants. All of which failed , they only made me into a walking drone of a person, made me sick, or just made my symptoms worse with added psychosis.
Until my parents had started reading about something called St.Johns Wort. If your not familiar with it. St. Johns Wort is a beautiful yellow flowering plant, that is used for treating depression. It has very FEW side effects ( makes you photo sensitive-you tan/burn easy and or light is just brighter to your eyes, and if you are pregnant it can cause uterine cramping which could lead to a miscarriage). BUT when used properly it is a WONDERFUL herbal antidepressant! So at the age of 16 I started taking it.
I happen to have a Dr who was very comfortable with the use of herbal/homeopathic meds, which helped a lot!
I'm comfortable enough to know when I need it and when I don't. Right now is one of those times of year when I just naturally start up my SJW. I'm also prone to having seasonal affect disorder, Minnesota winters=Seasonal affect Disorder.
A few years ago I had my gall bladder removed, and didn't realise that my depression came back with a vengeance. What some people don't realise is that when your body suffers a trauma such as surgery, your depression can come back. I know.. weird!
After I recognised what was happening I started seeing a therapist again who actually happened to be a homeopathic therapist. She suggested that I try using Flower Essences because of my successful history with SJW.
Copied from FES
What are Flower Essences:
Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part
of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.
The first 38 flower remedies were formulated by a British physician, Dr. Edward
Bach, in the 1930's, although new remedies from other plant species are now
How do flower essences work?

To understand how flower essences work requires a
recognition that the human being is more than a physical body, but also
incorporates a "body" of life energy, a "body" of sensitivity and feelings, and
a spiritual essence or Self. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life
force of plants which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and
evoke specific qualities within us. We can say that they work in a similar way
to inspirational music or art, which carry meaning through the vehicle of sound
or light, while the flower essences work through the medium of water.
Modern physics has known for nearly a century that matter
and consciousness are intertwined. However, medical science still generally
works with a nineteenth century model of the human being as a mechanism in a
world of machines. We expect that in the coming century medical science will
develop ways of studying the impact of consciousness on health, and we will
learn more about the ways in which flower essences work. However, empirical
research, which consists of the collection of case studies and practitioner
reports, will remain the primary source of knowledge about how flower essences
So now you have a little bit of a better understanding of the stuff I use to keep me Rock'n and Roll'n!
I've tried to be as natural when it comes to my med's. All with the exception of my A.D.D.
So far I've yet to find much that can replace Ritalin, Its what works. I've had a few Dr's try to switch me to something that was a non stimulant but why fix something that isn't broke?
In the last year or so I have change quite a bit of how I eat (Good fats- avocados,coconut oil,lots of eggs) and I've noticed that I don't need as large of a dose of my A.D.D. meds. Here's a clue... your brain is made of fat... your brain needs fat to function. Our society has become afraid of fat because they think it will make them fat. SUGAR makes you fat, it messes with your insulin levels and if it isn't burned off quickly (which it is designed for). It gets stored as yep.. you guessed it Fat!
I'm not a super uber eat all organic type, because we cant afford it. But we try to get as much farmers market meats during the spring and summer. We grow quite a bit of our own veggies during the spring and summer too. Nothing is better then walking in the back yard and just eating straight out of the garden.... Little dirt wont hurt you !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Halloweenie one of sorts

Since I was old enough to comprehend the fact that if I wore a costume and walked up to someones house "THEY WOULD GIVE ME CANDY and... I can DRESS UP??!??!?"
I'm a Halloweenie!
About 8 years ago I started setting up the front yard display , much like those freaks who put out xmas crap the day after Thanksgiving.
Last year I started making some of the props and decorations.
I used to just buy a lot of it after Halloween on clearance, no use in paying full price (Unless you really want it and or think its going to sell out fast-rarely does this occur).
Actually my birthday is the week before Halloween so my mom would give me all my presents (yard decorations and such) the week after.
So this leads me to the reason for this blog, If you can see it, Try to make it. There are SOOOooo many online resources for making pretty elaborate Halloween yard decorations, animatronic's and even full blown light displays. I'm about 6.5 on a scale of 1-10 when it comes to my building know-how. So I'll start with something that is pretty easy to make but still will impress.
My skull headstone fountain

  • First you need the medium sized Cauldron (They sell them EVERYWHERE during Halloween-so check the dollar store)
  • Then you need some Pink Foam board (Its used for hot tub cover insulation its about 2 inches thick) - Hardware store ( cut for your desired shape for head stone, Measure the foam so it fits snugly inside the fountain. This is Foam remember it will float a bit if its too loose.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foam Skull- I cut the back portion of the skull ( Everything behind the Coronal Sutu- for you anatomy buffs) I'm pretty sure this skull came from one of those "grab bag" style bags of foam bones.
  • 9/16 Clear Tubing- Cut it to your desired length (Hardware store)

  • 30 gallon per hour fountain pump-(Garden supply store, Walmart)
  • Mist Maker with LED- Sometimes they are called fountain mister, or Fountain FOGGER.

This next Item is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! Its technically a surgical cautery pen, HOWEVER , they do sell them at Joanne's or Michaels in the Bead section(They don't call them Surgical cautery pens, I believe its a hot cutter pen?-This is what I used to engrave the words and cut a more precise opening for the tube to be placed in the skulls nasal cavity.

  • Ok Now for the fun, take your time! Carve the Head stone it doesn't have to be perfect.
  • Use Acrylic Paint because its weather friendly. You can use straight gray or look up some stone technique painting tricks on youtube if you want it fancy.

Depending on where you place the fountain determines weather or not you want the back painted, I place mine against a wall so the tubes don't show as much.

(Editing notes- You can carve the letters and paint them before you paint the full headstone-its up to you)

  • Wait till the paint has dried then carve the letters for what ever you want for "Wording" on your headstone. The cautery works wonderful just remember, its hot and your melting foam. ALWAYS be in a well ventilated area.

I'm not a technical person by any stretch of the imagination, so bear with me. This was done purely by trial and error. As a matter o-fact I have A.D.D. like you wouldn't believe.

  • Glue the skull near the top of the head stone with the hot glue gun, after it has cooled/dried . Paint the skull to match the stone.
  • Then with either the cautery or something sharp (I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU IF YOU GET HURT-MAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK) Cut the hole through the nasal cavity that goes all the way through the headstone. This is where the tube will drain water to look like the nose is constantly running.
  • Also you might need to "Work" the clear plastic tube over the fountain pump to fit. It will be a tight fit but it will stay attached pretty well.
  • Place the fountain pump in the back/bottom of the cauldron, fill with water till it starts to come out of the tube (Don't forget to plug in the fountain)
  • Adjust the flow of the pump to your desired drippage.

Once this is all done then place the fogger inside the front of the cauldron, you can run the cord along side the head stone to camouflage the cord.

If you have any questions you can find me on The Garage Of Evil- Its a Halloween How To site

Here is a link of the fountain in action